You will be amazed how much a wedding planner can add to your vision for your special day. You would be surprised at the little touches that we think as second nature to include in your planning that most couples won’t think about until the day. Don’t leave yourself wanting for that little more sparkle when we can take care of it for you! It is often thought that hiring a wedding planner is an additional and expensive extravagance that couples can do without, or that it is only achievable by those who have very high budgets – this could not be further from the truth.

Weddings are expensive – let’s face it!! No one wants to waste their hard-earned money, especially if you are trying to stick to a set budget. At Weddings By Claire, we pride ourselves on being able to negotiate sizable discounts with suppliers and passing these savings back to you enabling you to get the best possible value without compromising on quality, therefore making your money and your dreams stretch further.

Planning a wedding can be a full-time job in itself – taking up all your evenings, weekends and every other spare minute you have, on top of all your other commitments. With modern lifestyles, everyone has so much already on their plate that adding the stress and pressure of planning their own wedding, that sometimes it can be all too easy to lose sight of the enjoyment that should come hand in hand with your wedding day. It takes on average 250-300 hours to plan a wedding!

Hiring Weddings By Claire, allows you to enjoy the planning process, free up your time and most importantly enjoy your engagement.

Weddings by Claire help alleviate any stress and will make sure everything is taken care of and as organised as you want, whilst you remain in full control, allowing you to relax and continue with your day to day life. It can be very helpful during the wedding planning process to have a third party, such as a wedding planner, to provide impartial advice, discuss ideas with and give an objective view based on our knowledge and expertise in the wedding industry.

Organising a wedding means making many decisions and it can be hard to know what to do and where to go next, from choosing which wedding photographer, to which decoration will look best on your table. It is our job to help you decide which way to go and to make the decisions clearer for you. Full planning might be your saving grace.

Perhaps you want to plan your own wedding and do not feel you need a wedding planner, but rather just someone to bounce ideas off, or someone to do some of your least favourite, or more time-consuming jobs – we can help with any aspect of this process from finding the venue, ideas for your theme, finding the right suppliers or hiring our centre pieces to provide the finishing touches. This would be where our partial planning and hire services would come and save the day (and possibly your sanity!).

Have you spent months planning the perfect day and worrying who will manage the actual day for you? You should enjoy being the bride and not need to worry about anything on the day – this is when you should hire Weddings by Claire for our ‘On the Day Co-ordination’ service.

Weddings by Claire will be there to support you whenever and however, you need it with a dedicated planner working with you throughout and contactable whenever needed. Even if you just want a chat to talk through some options or be a sounding board, we will be there and have a friendly ear to help with any problems.

Each wedding is unique and we will ensure yours is truly memorable.